Asahi Shopping District

About Asahi Shopping District

 Asahi Shopping District is located at the northern part of Taito ward.

The place was a an area famous for the holiday homes from the end of the Edo era to the Meiji era. The holiday homes built along Sumida River were considered a high class area resided by prominent figures such as Sanetomi Sanjo, Masatsune Yamada and Yoriyasu Arima, the court nobles and the former feudal lords. It has been said that the Emperor Meiji visited the sickbed of Sanetomi Sanjo.

Also in the neighborhood in the part of former Sousenji Temple is a grave of Gennai Hiraga, a prodigy who had a moniker of Leonardo De Vinci of Japan that worked not only as the regular job of a medicinal herb scholar, but also as a scientist, a novelist and a scriptwriter. Other sites include Myokizuka that enshrines Myokini, which is famous for the Noh song, Sumidagawa, a seated statue of Jizo Bosatsu that is one of the six famous Jizos in Edo area, Shunkei-in temple that has a grave of a courtesan named Takao Tayu of Miuraya in Shin Yoshiwara and the place where the first actor’s school in Japan was established in the old days.

The adjacent Tamahimeinari Shrine is said to be named after the event, which Yoshisada Nitta hid the jem to pray for winning battles. Every year, the bazaars such as “Kon-Kon Kutsu Ichi” is held in spring and in the autumn, "Kutsu no Megumi Festival Market" is held in Tamahime Inari Shrine.



古き良き時代 七夕祭り

七夕祭り 東京オリンピック(1964年)開催を祝うムードが七夕飾りにもうかがえる


古き良き時代 アーケード完成記念
アーケード完成記念 ミス台東によるパレード