Please stop by at a shopping district that has a nostalgy of the Showa era with a history hidden within temples and shrines. 
Place associated with Gennnai Hiraga
Asahi Shopping District
Asahikai Dori street, Asakusa
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Greeting from the chairman of a board of directors


My name is Kakuyama, the chairman of a board of directors of Asahi Shopping District Promotion Association.

This shopping district took much effort in a reconstruction after WWII and became a shopping district holding 100 shops after 10 years in 1955, which turned the store association to a promotion association that we have now. It is located at the north east part of Taito Ward and currently has 80 shops on both sides of 250 meter long, 10 meter wide road that is extended from Yoshino Dori street toward a direction of Sumida river.

A major characteristic of this shopping district is that “a shopping district that holds a world record”. On November 22, 2013, we hosted “Shoe polish world record challenge” that challenges how many people can polish shoes in 5 minutes and recorded 800 people, which broke the existing record at the time of 451 people held by the United Arab Emirates and were recognized by Guiness World Records. We are grateful for the support of ward office, town council association and members of ward assembly to achieve this.

Also, the surrounding area of this shopping district was a famous high class area of holiday homes from the end of Edo era to the Meiji era that the celebrities such as former feudal lords were residing.

Also in the neighborhood is a grave of Gennai Hiraga, a prodigy who had a moniker of Leonardo De Vinci of Japan and worked as a scientist, a novelist and a scriptwriter. In the adjacent Tamahimeinari Shrine, the exceptionally low priced market mainly for leather products such as “Kon-Kon Kutsu Ichi” is held every spring and in the autumn, "Kutsu no Megumi Festival Market" is held.

All of our members put much effort in making this place vital as a shopping district that is rooted in the area. We ask your continued support for the future prosperity of Asahi Shopping District.


New information: We started “Gennai Set Meal”. Echigoya

源内定食“Gennai Teishoku” has newly arrived, associated with the place closely related to Gennai Hiraga.

It is a luxury set meal with various Tempura and an eel skewer. Enjoy it together with “Sashimi Teishoku”, fresh sliced raw fish is very popular.



Restaurant / Café and light meal / Food sales / Convenience store

Restaurant / Café and light meal / Food sales / Convenience store

Clinic (Pain and numbness) / Pharmacy / Barber shop and beauty salon

Clothing / Cleaning / Books and stationary / Flower / Cosmetics

Watch, eye glasses and jewelry / Tobacco / Other


Obake Jizo
Obake Jizo


Grave of Gennnai Hiraga
Grave of Gennnai Hiraga