Asahi Shopping District

Marufuji Bakery

Marufuji Bakery

2-3-1 Kiyokawa, Taito ward
03-3872-0920 03-3872-1263
Opening Hours
6:30 to 18:00 Closed on Sundays and national holidays
About the place
“Homemade” and homemade peanut cream French bread (baguette)


Maruto Bakery

The breads are baked by the craftsman who trained in the famous hotel in Tokyo. Anpan is very popular for the thickness of sweetened bean paste inside the bread.

Anpan 135 yen

Curry bread
Curry bread 135 yen

Pizza toast
Pizza toast 188 yen

Petite ham roll
Petite ham roll 60 yen

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